The search engines are changing all the time, but it’s not just the algorithms we need to consider. We also need to think about how people use the search engines and how their behavior has changed over the years. These facts and stats provide a brief look into the current state of search engine affairs,
google mobile
Every minute, the number of Mobile users are rising and creating competitive market for mobile manufacturers and application developers. Featured phone users are turning into Mobile users and Mobile users are upgrading their phones every few months. Therefore, SEO experts cannot take a risk of considering mobile phones just as mere communication devices. Now, Smartphones have become
ICANN’s New Transfer & WHOIS Update Policy
ICANN has implemented a new Transfer Policy which affects all ICANN-accredited registrars. The Transfer Policy takes effect from 1 December 2016. Here are some of the key aspects that are part of the new Transfer Policy. Inter-Registrar Transfers A Form of Authorization, or FOA, is the email that is sent to the registered name holder
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