Content Strategy & Development That Speaks To Your Buyers

“We’ve been with Ben and the NEXTMPLUS team for several months now, and it has been and excellent experience. They’ve helped grow our online presence across multiple channels, and after making the switch to NEXTMPLUS, we’ve seen tremendous increases in our organic reach.”

– April Striano

In today’s digital age, content is all the craze. We’ve heard the saying, “Content is King,” and it’s true. You resonate and build trust with your potential customers through content. Concentrated content increases awareness for your brand and helps you reach your target audience.We use fresh and authoritative content to market your business. The content is only as effective as the planning and research behind it. Our team of content experts are results-oriented marketers, strategists, and writers that are committed to helping you succeed.

  • Reaching Your Customers on Their Desired Platforms With Customized Content Strategies
  • Valuable Content Creation That Turns Readers into Revenue
  • Content Marketing That Stands Out in a Crowded Online Arena
  • Gain Relevant Traffic From Your Target Audience
  • Timely & Updated Content for the Best User Experience

We start a conversation, and use our social media strategies and video production to keep the conversation going.

Are you frustrated with the lack of traffic you’re receiving? Are you looking to become leaders in your industry? We get to know you and your industry, creating a strategy through developing helpful and useful information.

Partner With Our Professional Content Marketing Strategists

We all know the importance of content and the need to stand out. At NEXT M+ Digital Agency, writing is one of our specialties. Your campaign is customized to appeal to your audience and get your message heard.

Attracting & Retaining A Defined Audience

Where do you start? You can’t just expect your blogs or social media content to attract a wide audience overnight. It takes a thorough strategy and planning process.

The purpose is to engage, attract, and acquire new customers. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your strategy depends on your company, your industry, and who you’re trying to reach.

Our content creators put themselves into your buyer persona, researching trends in the industry, and finding terms relevant to the topic. We strategize on the best avenues that will attract and convert potential buyers, creating an editorial calendar that we stick to.

How are your customers consuming content? It comes in many different forms.

  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Posts, Photos, Videos
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers
  • Videos
  • On-Site SEO Copy

Through the planning process, we work with you to help create strategies that garner results. You have to provide value. With our development and strategy from our office, we focus on creating optimized, relevant content that makes your voice heard.

Covering The Entire Content Marketing Cycle

What good is content if nobody sees it? It will get caught up in the clutter of the internet.

All of the content we produce is written by our in-house copywriters and content writers, trained and focused on providing valuable and quality material to retain your audience.

Once you hit publish on a piece of content, you can’t just sit and wait to see the results. We assist you with content promotion and distribution to help your brand become recognizable.

Through paid and sponsored efforts to email marketing campaigns, we bring your content in front of the eyes of your audience.

  • Content Themes & Topics Within Calendar
  • Content Amplification Strategies
  • Social Promotion & Sponsored Content Strategies
  • Inbound & Outbound Marketing Recommendations
  • Evaluation of Traffic Analytics

Good content assists in the success of all other areas of your inbound marketing. Our flexibility allows you to choose a content package that works for your company and your budget.

Evaluating Your Content Marketing Results

You could produce a fantastic piece of content, but without the proper tracking and promotion, it will go unnoticed.

We create content with a purpose. We complement your business goals.

Is your content generating traffic and leads? Through our conversion optimization services, we’re able to determine the performance of your content materials.

  • Tracking Through Analytics
    • Engagement
    • Page Visits
    • Landing Pages
    • Behavior Flow
    • Keyword Progress
  • Reviewing a Return on Investment
    • Generated Leads
    • Goals Completed
    • Assisted Conversions
    • Path Length to Conversions
  • Thorough Evaluation & Reporting

Through the metrics, we’re able to audit your current content production and the track the key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure results.

We analyze what is working and what should be adjusted to see the best results. Our expertise and documented reports will tell us what we should improve upon to help you reach your audience.

Content to Support Your Overall Integrated Marketing Approach

Your business needs content marketing. We drive results through best practices and consistent creation to keep your brand top of mind in your industry.

We power your inbound marketing efforts through both written and visual content. It’s all unique to your brand and valuable to your audience. Achieve your content marketing goals with the best content marketing campaign services.

Your content speaks volumes. Make sure it resonates with your readers. If you have questions about our content packages, speak with one of our experts today.